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The Tanzania economy, East Africa's largest, has experienced considerable growth in the past few years, driven by several key factors. The country enjoys some particular advantages: a reasonably well-educated labour force, a vital port that serves as an entry point for goods destined for countries in the East African and Central Africa interior, abundant wildlife and kilometers of attractive coastline and above all, a government that is committed to implementing business reforms.


Mkinga Vision is the projects development blueprint covering the period 2016 to 2030. It aims at making Tanzania a newly industrializing, "middle income country providing high quality life for all its citizens by the year 2030". The Vision has been developed through an all-inclusive stakeholder consultative process, involving Tanzania from all parts of the country.Plans are now being formulated to establish the Mkinga Special Economic Zone within the Tanga Region to focus on developing commercial relationships between Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The concept for the proposed development will include a wide range of activities and geographic concentration. It is envisioned that the Mkinga Special Economic Zone will become a highly desirable venue for a multitude of government, corporate, trading and manufacturing activities. The Mkinga Special Economic Zone will become an important component of Tanzania’s ambitious developmental project, MSEZONE (Mkinga Port and Mkinga Eastern Transport Corridor).
The proposed Mkinga Special Economic Zone will provide all the requirements for a location in the dynamic region of East Africa --- a stable environment in Tanzania, state of- the-art infrastructure (reliable tele-communications, transportation, business services,Human resources) and a favourable business climate. This project is built upon the goals outlined in Tanzania Vision 2030.

Doing Business in Mkinga

Private sector-led economic growth has since the early 2005s, been Tanzania's Priority. The Government's business-friendly stance has rolled over into Vision 2025, which sets development benchmarks for a number of priority sectors. This has been complemented by the integration of the EAC and the establishment in 2005 of a customs union and a common market (2010).


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