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Mkinga Special Economic Zone


The Mkinga Special economic Zone  is based on the concept that governments, businesses and other organizations need an appropriate venue for conducting their affairs in a secure and profitable location. Proximity to markets is an important factor. The target market for the park includes clients representing national, regional and state governments, international businesses, international organizations, and individuals who are interested in developing business relationships with Africa, Asia and/or the Middle East. Groundbreaking for the Authority has not yet begun, but we are now moving into our marketing phase to identify potential tenants.


Our main objective at this time is to introduce the Special economic to potential clients to identify their level of interest in establishing a locus within the Authority. Within the coming months, plans will be complete, and construction of the infrastructure will begin. At that time we will be moving toward signing agreements with interested clients.

Rift Consult ltd management and development team consists of individuals whose backgrounds consist of many years of marketing and business development experience. In addition, we have contracted with other individuals and organizations to provide the necessary legal, accounting and planning expertise.

Our marketing plan is under development. We have already identified target markets, and they will be approached as soon as the plans for the Authority are completed. The fundamental thrust of our marketing strategy consists of individual contact with appropriate clients in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America


A 3000-acre site within the boundaries of the Mkinga Special Economic Zone Development Project will be accessed for this project. Site plans and architectural schematics for the Authority are being developed which will describe in detail all the infrastructure necessary for a comprehensive business park, including roads, utilities, amenities and other essential features for a project of this magnitude. The Park has the full support of the political leadership in Tanzania. The Master Plan for the project developed by an international architectural firm, will include the following:

A business hotel with facilities for meetings and conferences. An office complex with support facilities. Manufacturing facilities for processing raw materials into finished products. Warehouses for storage of commodities and finished goods. Layout of roads, communication facilities, and utilities . Recreation facilities and other amenities. Exhibition space for demonstrating products and services.

Education and training center for developing new skills relating to the Authority, e.g., information technology, electronics, computers.A museum and cultural center for presenting art, music, dance and other cultural expressions of Africa.


Special Economic zone for your better place of investment. Developed by Rift Africa Group.


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The vision of Mkinga Special Economic Zone is to transform Mkinga into an international business hub and gateway to Tanzania


Mkinga Special Economic Zone is a global, a center of excellence for international business and industry development that will create a sustainable economic region and high quality of life.

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